18 September, 2011

My Metamec Clock. Payed $75.00. Was that too much??

08 January, 2011

Some of the finds from Ballarat's Mill Market

11 October, 2010

17 September, 2010

27 August, 2010

26 July, 2010

Orange Trim

IMG_4697, originally uploaded by LeighBlake.

I love Leigh's Photos

25 March, 2010


On Little Bourke Street.

21 February, 2010

14 February, 2010


Orange, originally uploaded by Dee Adams.

I joined another flickr group called Orangy goodness
this is a pic from the group!

I also love retro....so this is a bonus!

04 February, 2010


goldfish, originally uploaded by sewhum.

from the goldfish market in Kowloon in Hong Kong

23 January, 2010


feet, originally uploaded by sewhum.

Taken in Luang Prabang in November 2009

02 January, 2010

My mum has moved....to the next street. This house is in her street.
I took this photo in Spring.
They have red & green flags at the moment for Christmas.

21 December, 2009